Wednesday, June 17, 2009

internet madness

I am sitting on my computer today - again - trying to figure out how to avoid being so easily distracted by the internet. Because, let's face it, even though we try again and again to avoid facebook, myspace, twitter and, it is virtually impossible unless one has a strong will.

Apparently, I do not.

I have stories I have to write for my deadline tomorrow - stories that are easy, with good quotes and solid information, that would be written within minutes if it were not for all these tempting distractions.

Can you imagine what life would have been like 20 years ago when all such means of communication did not exist? I could. I think it would be peaceful. Less consuming, where one feels as though they have to know everything about every one all the time day and night. Exhausting, right? Even saying that last sentence has me feeling tired.

I wish that for a few days I could do my job as a writer, as a journalist, without having to use the internet. 


  1. Maybe one day, when you have a short-ish story to write, you should buy the funkiest notebook in the world and head to a coffee shop with all of your useful quotes and write the wicked story.
    In pen.
    Then transfer on computer and just by accident switch your wireless switch off?

  2. you should go to the site
    fuuuuuuuuny. oh and it wastes a lot of time. haha


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