Friday, December 31, 2010

Book 9

Atonement by Ian McEwan

Atonement simply defined means satisfaction or reparation for a wrong. This book is about a sister seeking such atonement and never finding it.

I've always wanted to read this, having seen the movie, and it has been on my list of books for several months, but this past semester it was tucked into a shelf where it was forgotten until just a few days ago. The verdict: I really enjoyed it. Being able to feel what all the characters feel was a treat as I haven't read many books that let you into multiple-antagonists' heads.

Also, truly it is a creative story, that a single lie can change the plans laid before an individual and that regret is as strong an emotion as love. I recommend it for those of you who do read my blog, if you haven't read it already. And, of course, if you do in fact read my blog at all!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh, deer.

Last night my sister and I, linked arm-in-arm, walked home from downtown. As we turned the corner onto our street - our boots crunching against the snow - we saw a deer. We walked closer and then poof! Nine deer! A doe and her fawn who very clearly showed its unfamiliarity with a white winter, several other does and two bucks. They walked quietly past us, unafraid of Jenn and I as we stood to watch them not more than 10 feet away. They were absolutely beautiful and completely in their element, eating berries from the trees and exploring the dark yards of Fernie when everyone else is asleep. It was quite magical, though perhaps only appreciated by those who too have an appreciation for quiet, and family.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa Clause is real.

Quiet roads, frosty windows, Christmas carols and red lights reflected on silver tinsel on the tree. I love Christmas and all that encompasses it. I love the quiet of home, where Christmas eve on main street means running into six old friends from high school and snow is packed hard onto the road.

I love the chill of the air, though I dislike how the dryness of it chaps my lips. I love Christmas morning, waking up under the blankets than have trapped all of my body heat, and knowing it's Christmas!

I love surprises you never expected, like a macro lens for my Nikon. I love sitting around with my Mom, Dad, sister and boyfriend and watching their reactions as they open their own gifts, and playing cranium which leads to dancing in the kitchen which leads to hysterical laughter.

Coming home makes me feel as though I should never leave it, because it's so comforting and so certain. But at the same time, it's okay to leave it because whenever I come back, it's the same. It is certain; certain that I'll run into old friends and have time to sit and read a book, or cuddle with my Dad on the couch just like I did when I was five.

Home is great and I'm glad I have one to come to.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

one is the loneliest number.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

TV Dinner

I'm sitting in a nice restaurant called the Banana Leaf in Vancouver, eating my green-bean stir fry with rice tonight and I look to the family that has just sat down adjacent. A mother, a father, a daughter, a son... but wait. There's something else. Between the two children is an iPad and playing on the iPad is the Incredibles.

When I was young, no such thing existed. If my parents were nice enough to take my sister and I for dinner (usually to the town's Chinese restaurant) we sat quietly, drew animals with wax crayons, and ate our dinner. If we were too hyper to sit quietly, mom and Dad would play games with us or we'd be required to bring our favourite book and read.

Twice in the past month have I been sitting at a restaurant and then, low and behold, a child comes in with his/her family and begins playing on whatever sort of new technological device she/he has with them. It angers me. Partly because I wonder if it's the parents who have consciously decided it's just easier to plunk a movie down in front of their children then it is to converse with them?

In all seriousness, to those people who are parents out there, PLEASE do not become like this. Challenge your children, teach them that dinner time is family time and not time to watch another Disney flick. It's quite despicable, in my very honest opinion.
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