Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Trans-Canada Part 4: Alberta-bore.

I've been through and through Alberta again and again, and at this point in our trip we were so close to Fernie that making any stops in this 'poopy-province' wasn't even an option.

True though it is that Alberta has its perks, when your destination is Fernie those perks are irrelevant.

Ben and I did stop in the pass at Lundbreck Falls (above) and explored here before we took some classic photos of the 'spook tree.' The spook tree - as my sister and I used to refer to it - is a burmis tree that has proven a good representation of the Crowsnest Pass. It was the first time in the 19-some years of passing it that I actually stopped to take a photo.

We also made a quick stop at the 7-11 for some classic potato wedges, and then took a exhaustingly chilly dip in the Crowsnest Lake. It was freezing. But we had never swam in it before, and upon leaping out of the water we jumped back in the trunk and cranked the heat.

Alberta was fast, but we made it fun.


  1. This tree represents one of my favourite memories of the road between Calgary and Fernie. Beautiful photo.

  2. great post.alberta is so overlooked and bypassed. for good reason haha. but still i am happy to hear you stopped at the tree and went swimming in the lake.you guys are nuts.and i love it.
    -renee xo


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