Saturday, November 6, 2010

The park of Stanley

Spent the afternoon biking around Stanley Park. It was wet and cold but very much enjoyable. It's quite odd, actually; it's so green and lush that you almost forget you live in the city.

There are tons of old-growth trees that stand over 100 feet tall. 

Siwash Rock behind Mr. Ben Ross. This rock is a sea stack made of basalt (from an old lava flow) and is more resistant to weathering than other types of rock.

The friendly neighbourhood raccoon who lives in Stanley Park. He came to say hello, and even smiled for the camera.


  1. Your friend did a good job on presenting Stanley Park in the geomorph class.

    I'm going to nitpick about Siwash rock because I can: it's actually derived from a dike intrusion of magma coming from a deep magma chamber that never expressed itself as an above-surface volcano. Rather the basalt was exposed only after uplift & subsequent erosion.

  2. ha thank you vadrosaul. Since you've corrected me, you now must reveal your true identity.


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