Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh, deer.

Last night my sister and I, linked arm-in-arm, walked home from downtown. As we turned the corner onto our street - our boots crunching against the snow - we saw a deer. We walked closer and then poof! Nine deer! A doe and her fawn who very clearly showed its unfamiliarity with a white winter, several other does and two bucks. They walked quietly past us, unafraid of Jenn and I as we stood to watch them not more than 10 feet away. They were absolutely beautiful and completely in their element, eating berries from the trees and exploring the dark yards of Fernie when everyone else is asleep. It was quite magical, though perhaps only appreciated by those who too have an appreciation for quiet, and family.


  1. Deer are smarter than many people give them credit for. I read a paper by an animal behaviorist that highlighted how fawns not yet a year old can make a distinction between human hunters and benevolent humans. The mule deers they observed would bolt if any pole the length of a rifle was held/hoisted in a certain fashion, but would not shy that far from humans if it was held like a walking stick.

  2. hmm, that's interesting. we were definitely not exhibiting hunting behaviour, perhaps that's why they casually walked past us!


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