Saturday, September 24, 2011

el sabor de Mexico

The sound of Oaxaca cheese sizzling on a taco on the grill on the street, the spices, the Spanish floating to my ears; I can't understand much, if any. I am in Mexico. It is mucho bueno. It is so incredible, and so different, and so not easy to summarize into a small blog post. A taste of Mexico in my first week. 

Debido a que es tan hermoso que tiene que ser compartido.
Because it is so beautiful, it has to be shared.

Teotihuacan, Pyramid of the Sun.
The best friend, the blanca Mexican!
Zocalo, the centre of Mexico City, with Parliament.
A non-authentic Mexican day at Six Flags.
Traditional Aztec prayer and dancing in Coyocan.
 Who knows where we'll be next week. 

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  1. When I look at your first pic of the Mayan Pyramid, I can't help thinking of Gowans music video....
    ...."♫These moonlight desires haunt me♫"


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