Monday, September 7, 2009

A 5-k run

I can't believe I haven't written this before, but last week, after repeatedly running past signs labeled "Terry Fox Run, Sept. 13" for the past six days, I decided I am going to raise money and run in the Terry Fox Run.

I've never done it before. Independently, I mean. Of course every high school student is required to run - or in most cases, trudge slowly down the main street with a sullen look upon their face - but I've never voluntarily run for a good cause.

So I signed up for the run, and for the past week I've sweated and practically hoped that I wouldn't trip over a rock and end up flattening my dreams of running for a purpose that has nothing to do with getting into shape.

But I believe it's more than just that. There is something... encouraging, even inspiring, about running for someone or something other than yourself. Because I don't feel any sense of selfishness. I feel like, for all of the people I've known that have suffered from cancer - the friends, the family, the acquaintance - I'm actually doing something that is a little productive.

And I don't mean to sound boastful, or egotistical. I am just happy because next Sunday, when I run 5 kilometers, I'll be doing it for my grandparents, and my uncles, and for my mom and dad, who have seen so many of their loved ones taken away because of cancer. And of course, I'll be doing it for Terry Fox.


  1. Good job J.B.!!!!
    Have personally organized the most northern B.C. Terry Fox run way back in 1981 in Kitsault,'s a great cause, and feels so good when you are finished it...what an amazing guy he was.....have fun!!!!!! So sorry that your generation is so affected by this disease.....
    Sandy K.
    (Zoe P's mom)

  2. Sandy! It does feel great. I was so overwhelmed with emotion after the run, but it was amazing. I would do it again in a second. Hopefully you are doing well!


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