Friday, September 4, 2009

a new home

The last week and a half have been... intense. First, my sister and I had to pack up all of our belongings and take a leap of faith, heading back to Vancouver and Victoria for school. Sister is going to UVIC, I am going back to Kwantlen to finish my degree.

My mom and dad helped us in the move, and I am now finally sitting in my own place, on my own couch, in front of my own television and cooking in my own kitchen. And I don't think anything has ever felt so good, so independent.

I've never been on my own. If i wasn't living at home with my parents, I was renting a room in someone else's house. If I wasn't renting a room, I was bunking with my boyfriend's parents. I've never fully been able to appreciate the quiet, the personal space of my own place. And now I am!

It feels great. I baked my first pie the other day, I've decorated how I want to decorate, and no one can come in and tell me to change it, to move this here and suggest I do that. It is liberating. And furthermore, I can't wait for the day I actually come to own a home, I can only imagine that independence would increase.

For those of you who read my blog, thank you, because I'm not sure too many people do. But I will still write!


  1. Oh Jesse Bell the DairyQueenBlizzardMakingQueen. I love to read your blog! And now you're making pies? Wow!! That's impressive. Glad you're back in the West. Good luck this year at school.


  2. Hi Debbie! Thanks! But which Debbie is this? Keep reading! Hopefully I'm not too boring!

  3. Well, how many Debbie's ever referred to you as the "Blizzard Queen"? And do you read any other blogs where "M.U.M." shows up? That's 2 good hints for you.


  4. I'm trying to think, but the only Debbie that comes to mind is Debbie Zuffa, but then the M.U.M. doesn't fit. so, I need another hint. The only M.U.M. I know is my mom! i apologize if it is really obvious. it's been a long day!

  5. unless it's zoe pulsifer's m.u.m. cuz she says m.u.m. all the time.

  6. Oh Jesse. I'm crushed. I remember all those delightful, thick, full of strawberries and bananas and pineapple blizzards that you made me!!!! Right blog.... wrong M.U.M.

  7. No......
    I'm mom......

    I'm mom.....
    m.u.m. is the other mom......
    r u confused now??
    (z.p.'s mom, that is not m.u.m.......)


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