Saturday, March 13, 2010

Aquarium fun, life is fun

I went to the Vancouver Aquarium, and it was fantastic.

There is really something spectacular about animals. I like to think that if I wasn't trying to become a writer, I would work with animals, protecting their habitats or researching.

Instead, I hope that I can eventually write about animals, about the amazing migration routes salmon have, or how Beluga whales are insanely social creatures that live to be tens of years old.

There are so many stories that come out of this aquarium, like a giant sea turtle named Schoona, who was lost near Prince Rupert five years ago and was rescued and now swims at the aquarium. Schoona is huge! He must weigh a ton and he looked so happy sifting through the sand.

It was wonderful.


  1. isnt it wonderful that you can combine two passions like animals and writing? i feel that way about photography.
    I was at the vancouver aquarium last fall when i was visiting, the sea lions and jelly fish were tied for my favorite.

  2. Andrea! for me it was the belugas and the sea turtle. But some of the fish were really cool too!


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