Thursday, April 1, 2010


"But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous." - SATC
I received a phone call tonight from two of my best friends, who proceeded to tell me how glad they were that I was a part of their lives.

It got me thinking about how fortunate I am. To have those friends, the friends you can drink a bottle of wine with and have a heart-to-heart. The friends you can stumble home with at 2 am after a night at the bar, and then proceed to eat all the food in the fridge. The friend who calls and asks you for advice, and who takes your advice to heart, considering it and not disregarding it.

The friend who sends you a birthday card in the mail, even if it's late. The same one who, every so often, reminds you how beautiful you are, even if you feel the complete opposite.

The friend who crosses rivers with you in hiking boots, and proceeds to go through the bush first and scratch her legs so you don't have to. Or the friend who makes you daisy crowns in the summer.

And the friend who you spend Thursday afternoons with, talking about boys. As if you were in high school. But you're not, because you're in college.

I love my friends. I do. I'm so grateful I have them. Because even though we have our differences, as a group we compliment one another and make one complete whole, a whole that encourages and inspires, and congratulates and says, "I'm so proud of you."

Friends are truly few and far between. But the few you have are like the girls from Sex and the City - fun, crazy, caring and, mostly, they are there.


  1. I am HONORED to be in one of the pictures in this post.
    I am near tears right now jesse bell. You ARE amazing, and you ARE beautiful. And I am SO thankful to be your friend.
    It breaks my heart we're so far apart. This just made my BC longing so much more intense. You have no idea how much I wish I was there. Everyday I think about it. Miss you all so much. Phone date asap. xoxo

  2. i just saw this comment. and i love you. lets talk soon. life is crazy. x


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