Monday, May 17, 2010

Don't be rude.

There's some things people just don't say. Like, the unwritten rules of life. We all have been told, "Don't be rude" by our parents when we've said such certain things. Been told, "I didn't raise you that way." We know not to ask what people make in terms of money.

So then why do people assume that when it comes to the topic of weight, it's okay to make remarks? "You need to eat more." "You don't need to run, look at you." Or, "Make sure your mother feeds you when you get home."

It's not polite to comment on someone being fat. You don't say, "You've gained weight," or "Look at your gut, it's hanging over your pants." You simply don't, because every body is different and people's lifestyles are different, and while one may not agree with or have the same lifestyle, it's an unwritten rule. It's rude. It's inconsiderate.

Just as it's not polite to give subtle hints that 'you' think 'I' am too thin. How does me being smaller than you make it okay for you to comment on my weight? Even if it's an inconspicuous comment.

I am healthy. I am 130 pounds, a size 3-5 in pants, or a 26-27, I run at least three times a week. I also eat ice cream, almost every night. I never count calories, I eat a hearty breakfast of bananas, toast and peanut butter, I eat whenever I want, and I eat whatever I want.

I am NOT: anorexic, too skinny, thin, unhealthy, bulimic.

I run because it's healthy too, because it makes me feel good. Not because I'm trying to lose weight. And if most of 'those' people who make 'those' remarks knew anything about exercise, they'd understand that running builds muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. Thus, I'm not at all concerned with my weight. I don't even have a scale. I never weigh myself.

I can deal with it for so long. I can shake it off, not let it bother me. I can pretend that this conversation of: "I'm running a half-marathon," "You don't need to do that, you're so skinny," doesn't bother me.

It does. It bothers me a lot. I shouldn't have to defend myself for being healthy, which I am. I shouldn't even have to blog about it.

Unwritten rules are not meant to only be followed under certain circumstances. Unless said person is unhealthy, bordering an illness, unwritten rules are rules. Common-sense rules. Common-decency rules.

So the next time 'you' think about commenting on someone's weight, whether it be fat or skinny or tall or short or black or white, think.

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  1. Oh Blizzard Queen - you always say it so well.


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