Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wedding, apartment, new job!

Well, I certainly have been neglecting my blog, among other things, for the last few weeks! That's terrible, really. How are all my hundreds of followers going to know what's going on in my life?

I'm in Ottawa. I was in Fernie. Then I was in Edmonton for an amazing, wonderful wedding. Now, I'm in Ottawa.

In my new... apartment! With my boyfriend. In my new apartment! How exciting! We are living in this building called The Stanley, an old brick building that sits with a lean. Literally. The doorframe to the kitchen is on a tilt, as is the rest of the place.

I'll take some pictures of the building and our apartment once I get it all set up!

Oh, and more importantly... I've now worked three days with Canadian Geographic Magazine. And it's been fabulous. I had my first blog post published on their website, have been updating their facebook page with unique stories, and cannot wait to see what I get to do next.

I even got to research old stories from rum runner days in Montreal and discovered a story about this family, the Bronfmans, who made big money selling liquor over the border.

Go here to see my blog about Dr. Seuss and his green thumb he had while writing his children's books. And please keep following for future updates!

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