Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some stories

I'm finally getting around to publishing some stories written last semester for my magazine writing class. This one is about landslides in North Vancouver, and I spoke with several officials as well as residents who experienced a landslide outside their backdoor in 2005.

Typing out this story on blogger is a bit tedious, so I've linked to my website where you can find the story.

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The second story is true, though it is hard to believe and perhaps may be difficult to read without feeling uneasy for some. I wrote it under anonymity, meaning that the subjects are real but their names are not. This mother is fighting to protect her daughter from an abusive father, and it shows her struggles and successes in doing so.

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On deaf ears

These stories are very dear to my heart and I am extremely glad to have been able to write them and edit them with the help of one of my instructors. Please leave any comments as they are much appreciated.


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