Thursday, February 3, 2011

little observations

From time to time I notice little things. Things on public transit, things on the streets, a conversation between two people. And from time to time I like to write about these little things as they are often things that stick with me, that make me smile inside.

Yesterday, crammed on the SkyTrain heading to school during rush hour, an elderly couple made an attempt to squish onto the train. They held onto one another tightly and with much perseverance managed to get on the train before the doors closed behind them. The husband's hair was gelled back, thin and gray. He grabbed onto a nearby bar for stability as the train began to move. His wife, who had the most immaculate curls, held tightly around his arm. He was holding her steady.

"It's like sardines in a can," joked the husband. The wife giggled in response like a little school girl on the playground.

I make these small observations because I feel there are things out there that are often so simple, yet so gratifying. There's a lot to be said for a husband and wife, moving closer to their mid-80s, who are still able to look as though they share so much love, who have a sort of invisible fire between them. It's uplifting.


  1. I love happy old people. It gives me something to look forward and aspire to.

  2. I love cute old people.
    They are so sweet. :)



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