Monday, April 25, 2011

I've been through the Rockies

Fernie is, and has always been, my favourite place. Having visited less and less each year, I sometimes forget the absolute amazingness of it, and now when I come home I try to absorb it all through the lens of my camera. I'd like to think I've done a good job of that.                                                                   The geology around Fernie is incredible. Just east of the town onwards to Alberta is the Crowsnest Pass, home to a slew of uplifted mountainous terrain. These were taken from near the Crowsnest Lake, the second mountain being Crowsnest Mountain and the third being Tecumseh Mountain (black and white photograph).                                             I've never hiked any of these particular mountains, and that is an odd fact, but I suppose when you are surrounded by something you don't truly appreciate its beauty. Hopefully, when I can really spend some time exploring, I'll be able to make my way up their ridges and provide photos from their peaks. 
The purpose of me posting these is to just give those of you who do follow my blog, but who have not yet been to Fernie (or anywhere else in B.C. for that matter), a taste of what you are missing. It is so refreshing to be outside and away from the city lights, the traffic, the hospital noise and the shopping, and instead hearing the birds chirping outside my window. 

I can see the stars at night here. And I don't mean the most prominent stars like the big dipper, but even the smallest ones that sparkle when the sky is black.

Poplar trees and deer and elk and coyotes and quiet. I always talk about how quiet it is when I come back, and I think it's because there's a calmness that encompasses that quiet. It's something that is missing from life.

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