Friday, April 8, 2011

The thing about running..

The thing about running is... unless you're actually doing it, you are convinced it's the most tiresome activity, the most tedious and dreary way to get into shape.

The thing about running is... it's only ever really worth it if you have some great music to coax you through what feels like the never-ending trip down the street, through the park, and home again.

The thing about running is... you always think you are running fast, until someone who is also running passes you. Then, you just want to walk.

The thing about running is... if you forget to do it, for days, weeks, or even months, the first time you try to do it again, it feels like you've lost all your pizzaz, all that jump in your step. Your legs feel weak, as though they can't go any further.

The thing about running is... you have a goal, and no matter how hard you run, how fast you run, how long you run, you never quite seem to reach it.

BUT! The most important thing about running is, when you actually do it, with motivating music (or none at all), and when you can feel the sweat beading down your back, and off your forehead, and when you can feel your legs burning with how hard you are pushing them, it is actually pretty amazing.

Not for how far you run, how fast you leap or how long you last, but just knowing you are doing it. And afterwards, you have a legitimate reason to shower.

Moral of the story? Must. Run. More.

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  1. You know that Seinfeld episode about Jerry being the fastest runner? That was based on me!


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