Tuesday, January 26, 2010

feels like death..

Ugh. There is nothing worse than being sick. And by sick, I mean aching body, pounding head, swollen and sore throat, congested nasal passage, tired eyes, hot and cold flashes.

I don't think we at all realize how nice it is to have people around you until you are sick. For instance, what I wouldn't give right now for someone to come rub my back, or feed me soup, or just sit under a blanket and watch a movie with me! I would give anything to have that. Unfortunately, my many long-distance relationships with friends and boyfriends has hindered that possibility of being consoled.

Therefore, I will have to feed myself soup, rub my own feet, and sit in the bottom of my shower to try and make it feel remotely like a bath. What I wouldn't give for a BATH! People! Do not take for granted your ceramic tub - it's times like this I'd give you $20 just to use it.


sick, bed-ridden Jesse Bell.


  1. Poor, poor Blizzard Queen. I feel sorry for you. Sick and all alone is no fun. I say - Ibuprophen, polysporin eye drops and Puff tissues. Or - maybe you should get on the ferry and go to Victoria for the weekend. I know a girl who would make you chicken soup and her boy would make bread to go with it. And - they have a really good cuddler dog.


  2. But I hear poor pavlov has swallowed a ball of some sorts? and removal of said ball could be costly. Oh well, I suppose we could both heal together under the soothings of said boy and girl. thx for reading M.U.M. :)


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