Sunday, January 17, 2010

Book 1

Watership Down by Richard Adams

What an amazing book. When I was young, my sister and I used to watch the movie - rabbits were our favourite. And I just recently made a list of 25 books to read before I turn 25 (just over 2 years), and I thought I'd add this book to my list.

It was the first I read, and it was more than I could have ever wanted from a book about rabbits. Adams does such an amazing job creating a world where you, the reader, actually believe that rabbits live in such a way - with Owsla (government) and a Chief Rabbit, and the little rabbits with no say in how they pass silfay (poop) or eat their greens.

The story line is phenomenal and I found myself falling deep and deeper into the rabbit world. The adventure that Hazel, BigWig, and the others find themselves on is so well described and so well portrayed that you forgot at times the characters you are getting to know are even rabbits. But then you are reminded they have long ears, a furry tale, and dig tunnels.

I would suggest this book to anyone who wants to read something they can't bring themselves to put down. It was magical, and that is an understatement.

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