Sunday, July 11, 2010

If somebody's got soul, you've got to make them move.

(Left: Wintersleep lead singer Paul Murphy. Photo cred: me)

Music is something I don't write about much. Great music is something maybe words don't explain well, because it's music, something you listen to. Not something you read. It's something you feel inside.

But going to see live music is a whole other thing entirely and it's felt even deeper. I love it. I went to see Wintersleep the other night, and it started, "I got outta bed today, swear to God couldn't see my face, I got outta bed today, starring at a ghost..." and I looked to the ground and not only was I shaking my leg - even my entire body - to the beat, but so was everyone else.

And everyone had a smile, was singing along. It was so gripping. Music is amazing in that it can bring even strangers together. You may not know the person standing next to you in the crowd, but share a song together and not knowing one another makes no difference at all.

(Metric lead singer Emily Haines. She was fabulous. Photo cred: me)

And last night, I saw Metric, and Passion Pit. And Metric's Stadium Love. "No one's getting out without stadium love..." everyone in the crowd watching Emily Haines started jumping up and down, dancing, not caring what anyone else thought, and it was so uniting.

Music unites people. Listen more.


  1. Emily Haines is a unbelievable performer.
    Great photos Jess!

  2. You've gotten me excited to see some great bands tomorrow night!! Awesome photos/blog...Will surely be back!


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