Thursday, July 8, 2010

Too hot, too hot!

Growing up in British Columbia, I've never fully experienced the wrath of humidity. That is, until I moved to Ontario.

In the last week, I’ve been introduced to the humidex – a calculated value describing how hot or humid the weather ‘feels.’ The Weather Network has reported that the week of July 5 would be filled with a high humidex. On July 6 the temperature was expected to reach 32 degrees Celsius, but with the humidity it could ‘feel like’ 41 degrees.

On July 7, it was 33 degrees Celsius, but it felt like 44 degrees.

This isn’t the type of temperature increase anyone can get used to. It’s a ‘sit in your scivvies, run the AC until it’s dead, drown yourself in the pool kind’ of heat, and I don’t like it one bit.

Back home, my family complains of the cold. “It’s only 10 degrees,” and “There’s still snow on the mountains.” But currently, I’d sooner sit in a snowfield naked then have to deal with the heat mother nature is spewing down on us. It’s like sitting in a sauna where escape is not an option.

“Too hot” has an entirely different meaning to me now.


  1. Don't believe the rain in the forecast either, it didn't happen.

  2. "Too hot! Too hot!"

    That happened in Calgary as we walked past a store where an oriental gentleman was pouring water on to the sidewalk outside his store. Poor guy was trying to beat the city heat and cool off the place a bit.

    We all laughed ...

    There is still snow up on Hosmer Mountain. We stashed out water bottles in a snow bank for a cold drink on the way down on July 7th.

    All that rain and the mountain is as dry as a bone. Two small trickles of water on the way up and the final snow banks. A really karst landscape.

  3. HI HON- you would have loved the remaining snowbanks up on Hosmer mountain on Wednesday. You would have jumped right into the middle of them.
    They are the ones Dad mentioned above. The news tells us, Ottawa is to cool down soon. Bye the way, I love your story.Momxxxooo


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