Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I think I've had a good day.

Today, this is what happened:

I woke up, drank a cup of tea, and studied for my midterm.
I received an email from Fernando Carneiro, managing editor at Metro News Vancouver. He asked if I had an interest in reporting for the Olympics. If so, to give him a call.

I wrote my midterm at 12. I aced it.

I called Fernando at 1:30. Spoke with him about my work, my experience (of which I have a great deal, but none in daily news publishing). I referred him to my website.

I went for lunch with my prof and another student. I had my first glass of beer in a long time. It was delicious.

I just caught my bus in the nick of time on my way back to Richmond.
I went to my night class, which, despite recent negativity, went fairly well.

I received a phone call, from Fernando. "We'd like you to come work for us for the Olympics."

Extreme excitement, anxiety, nervousness, more excitement, overtakes my life. At this point in my day, things are great.

I arrive home. There are two packages waiting for me, plus two cupcakes covered in chocolate icing from my landlords.
One package has specific instructions: do not open until Feb. 14. It is from Ben. I have not opened it.

The other package: from mom and dad, with the words "Keep up the good work" written on the outside. Inside: 12 delicious homemade zuchini muffins, a chocolate heart, peanut butter cups, and two packages of Brown's Famous beef jerky.

I think I've had a good day.


  1. I'll say. Hopefully its contagious. I could use a day or two like that.

  2. It doesn't get any better than that!


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