Saturday, February 27, 2010

we're all onions.

According to some, the chopping of onions results in tears, but not the emotional type.

They are supposedly called reflex tears. The glands above our eyelids regulate the realease of tears and the 'external irritant' triggers nerve ending which, as a result, stimulate the production of tears to flush away the irritant (onion).

I chopped an onion tonight. It was white. It was fresh, it smelled delicious. And, to no surprise, I cried.

The tears I cried were - just as experts say - not the emotional type.

But it felt nice to cry anyway. It's so strange how that can be. How can it feel good to cry? How can showing your vulnerability feel nice? I'd think it would be anything BUT nice. To the contrary however, sometimes what we need is a good cry.

A 'your eyes are so puffy you can hardly see, you stagger to catch your breath and all you taste is salt on your cheeks' kind of cry.

Crying scares some people. It shouldn't. It should mean that you aren't afraid to let everything go.

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