Friday, February 5, 2010

Poor little Raleigh

My poor little Raleigh... she has been sitting quietly in the corner of the car port, day after day, night after night, in the rain, or the sun, waiting patiently for the day when I come outside and take her for a ride.

Unfortunately, life has not been flexible in meeting Raleigh's needs. Life has instead consumed all the time I would much rather be spending cruising on her seat, heading down to Steveston village, with my camera in her basket.

Even her back wheel, from lack of use, has become weak and could use a few pumps of air to fill the big void she must be feeling from not being enjoyed. Don't worry little Raleigh, I will ride you soon, I promise. Especially if the next week's forecast is correct - 6 days of sunshine, with 10 degree weather.

Keep your chain crossed, Raleigh, and I will cross my fingers, and soon we will bicycle off together.

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