Friday, June 4, 2010

Anonymous bike-cycle.

I bought this bicycle for $10 at a garage sale. It is missing a peddle, it's seat is falling off and twists, there is rust creeping all over the chrome and paint and in all the bike joints. So, I'm refurbishing it from scratch.

The brakes are stiff, but apparently it has three speeds. However, it only has one speed on the sprocket by the looks of things.

Ben is helping me sand it down and then I'm going to paint it - of which colour I'm not too sure. Suggestions are appreciated. But, I am learning to like the current flourescent green. So, we shall have to see.

The best part about the bike-cycle - it's huge basket. For groceries and shopping and puppies, oh my!

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  1. That looks more like Jenn's bike than Jenn's bike does.


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