Friday, June 4, 2010

Hungry and restless and wicked and wild

On a day a lot like this
i was wandering, I was amiss
And the memories came back to me
They were bent, and they were broken and they were funny

I was younger, so much more innocent
I did not question what anything meant
There's a river, so we go where it goes
We get covered with dirt and rainbows

We're giving it up again

We're older, much less innocent
We start questioning what everything mean
There's a river, and we ask why
Well the light of the reason and the passing of the sky

You wave and I wave back
You pull my hair and I laugh
There's a word for it but you keep it hidden away
You feel safer and secret and ready to play

We're giving it up again

There's a light, and it's showing me a piece of love
And I'll be holding the hands
And if you go, I'll go, and we'll go together
And there's children covered in dirt
With songs from above
And they went out looking for a new kind of love

We're giving it up again

Like a child, we get hungry and restless and wicked and wild

New kind of love...

- Plants and Animals.

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